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Shanghai Xing Guang Movie Chamber Use San Altar Ticket Machine K450


K450 series self-service cinema ticket kiosk / cinema automatic ticket vending machine


Main specifications

1. Industrial control host, using industrial control board

2. High-sensitivity infrared touch screen, 60 million click life, explosion-proof function, screen composite IP65 waterproof sealing standard, 9:16, resolution 1080*1920;

3. Magnetic card readers complying with the UnionPay standard: 1, 2, 3, full-track MSR (capable of identifying all UnionPay system bank card magnetic strips) (optional accessories);

4. High-sensitivity two-dimensional code reader, which can scan mobile phone QR code and paper two-dimensional code;

5.EPSON ticket machine, using Japanese original equipment, speed 150mm/s, with automatic paper cutting function (can set full cut and half cut selection) 80mm paper width, ticket head can print company name and pattern logo, with paper cutter action The feedback signal ensures that the out-of-stock of each movie ticket is accurately recorded and the paper will function as much as possible.


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